Don’t Die a Copy

Accept who you are, accept people the way they are.
A big thank you and love from the bottom of my heart to Luna for letting me post this on her blog. ❤


My Irrelevant Thoughts


You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.  

Hey guys!

So, if you guys read my posts you would know that I’m always, most of the times talking about being imperfect, being yourself, feeling beautiful and all the blooming things. I try not be a hypocrite and actually follow what I say. But sometimes it gets difficult. After all I am no great person. I’m still a hormonal teenager who make mistakes and is insecure about some stuff. I’m not someone you can call insecure or not confident. I am confident, well I try to be. I love myself the way I am and never self demean me. I try to be original, be the imperfect yet beautiful me.

However, there are times when I feel insecure. There are times when I feel that the original me maybe be too boring, too philosophical or may seem even…

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